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Kaleria Palchikoff Drago, Witness to the Atom Bomb (2005)
The only English-language interview with an eyewitness to the Hiroshima bombing.

[Photo: Jack Aeby]

Jack Aeby, Atom-Bomb Photographer (2005)
The amateur photographer tells about taking the only color photo of the first atom-bomb test. [2:36]

[Photo: Julius Howell]

Julius Howell, Civil War General (2005)
Julius Franklin Howell remembers his experience in a Union prison camp on the morning Abraham Lincoln died. [3:36]

[Photo: Band leader Mike Acampora]

Red Mike's Band (2004)
Recording of the last funeral played by Red Mike's Band before the death of the band's leader, Mike Acampora. [3:00]

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Barbers of Belmont (2004)
Interviews with the barbers at the Belmont Park Racetrack. [3:18]

[Photo: Bruce Zaccagnino]

Northlandz (2004)
An interview with the creators of the world's largest model railroad. [3:36]

[Photo: George Stinney]

George Stinney, Youngest Executed (2004)
Interviews with the familes of the victim and convicted in the case of the youngest person executed in the US. [3:49]

[Photo: Carol Weihrer]

Paralyzed (2004)
Carol Weihrer tells about waking up from anesthesia during an eye operation. [3:50]

[Photo: Kitty Genovese]

Remembering Kitty Genovese (2004)
Mary Ann Zielonko remembers her partner, Kitty Genovese, on the 40th anniversary of Kitty's murder. [4:28]

[Photo: Joe Vitacco]

Joe Vitacco, Freelance Embalmer (2004)
Joe Vitacco leads us through one of the 40,000 embalmings he's performed. [3:14]

[Photo: ]

The Last Elevator (2003)
Three 9/11 survivors tell about riding down on the last elevator to descend from Windows on the World. [3:38]

[Photo: Bernie Barker]

Bernie Barker, Oldest Male Stripper (2003)
The story of a retired nuclear engineer turned stripper. [4:06]

[Photo: Robert Wesley Knighton]

Clemency (2003)
Sue Norton leads us through the clemency hearing of the man who murdered her father. [5:55]

[Photo: Yanier "Blak" Moore]

Blak's Story (2003)
The autobiography of poet, social worker, and former gang member Yanier "Blak" Moore [11:40]

[Photo: Delma Banks]

Parents at an Execution (2003)
As Texas prepared to execute its 300th inmate, parents of the murdered and convicted shared their story. [4:02]

[Photo: Willie Young, rabbit hunter]

Willie Young, Rabbit Hunter (2003)
A journey into Florida's sugar cane fields in search of rabbits. [2:01]

[Photo: Dr. George Knox]

George Knox, Hypnotherapist (2003)
An interview with the oldest practicing psychologist in the country. [4:13]

[Photo: ]

Strates Carnival (2002)
The voices of fortune tellers, burlesque dancers, and two-headed babies, recorded at a carnival in 1941. [4:50]

[Photo: Bergen-Belsen concentration camp]

Bergen-Belsen (2002)
A 1945 recording of a report on the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, a German concentration camp. [3:40]

[Photo: ]

William Feehan, Fire Chief (2001)
The words of New York City's legendary fire commissioner, who died in the line of duty in the collapse of the World Trade Center. [3:17]

[Photo: Mae Timpano]

Under the Roller Coaster (2001)
Mae Timpano remembers her forty years living under Coney Island's tallest roller coaster. [3:20]

[Photo: AIDS activist John Weir on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather]

Acting Up (2001)
An AIDS activist talks about getting the attention of the nation and, finally, his father. [7:40]

[Photo: Weather historian Steven Fybish]

Stephen Fybish, Weather Historian (2001)
A profile of a man who has studied, catalogued, and memorized 130 years of New York City weather conditions. [3:34]

[Photo: Poster by the U.S. Office of War Information, circa 1942]

The Day after Pearl Harbor (2000)
Man-on-the-street interviews conducted the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. [2:12]

[Photo: Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig with his Speed Graphic camera, c. 1944 (WEEGEE/ICP/LIASON AGENCY)]

Weegee (2000)
A rare interview with renowned news photographer, recorded in 1945. [6:35]

[Photo: ]

Marine Valentines (2000)
Valentines recorded in 1945 by marines stationed in the South Pacific to their mothers, wives, and sweethearts back home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [6:31]

[Photo: Charles Geter in the Palace Hotel]

Charlie's Story (1998)
The story of Charlie Geter, who has lived on New York City's Bowery for twenty-five years. [10:48]

[Photo: Miguel Algarín]

Miguel Algarín, Nuyorican Poet (1998)
Nuyorican Poet's Café co-founder Miguel Algarín remembers his friend and colleague's funeral on Manhattan's Lower East Side. [2:35]

[Photo: Jackie Sullivan]

A Letter to Butchie (1997)
A mother's audio letters to the son she abandoned as an infant. [5:45]

[Photo: Fountain Hughes, former slave]

Fountain Hughes, Former Slave (1997)
The memories of ex-slave Fountain Hughes, recorded in 1949, when he was 101 years old. [2:41]

[Photo: Zypora Spaisman, actress]

Folksbiene Yiddish Theater (1996)
Two veteran actors remember their time with the longest-running Yiddish theater in the world. [3:10]

[Photo: ]

Woody Guthrie (1996)
The first recorded interview with the legendary folk balladeer. [11:22]

[Photo: Harold C. Cotton]

Harold Cotton, Hat Blocker (1996)
Harold C. Cotton recalls his fifty plus years working in his shop in Greensboro, NC. [2:53]

[Photo: Reggie Jones]

Reggie Jones, Lifeguard (1996)
A Jones Beach lifeguard recalls some of his summers by the ocean. [3:45]

[Photo: Virginia Belle Brewer and her bells]

Brewer Bell Museum (1992)
A profile of Virginia Brewer, founder of a museum of bells that she spent her life savings to create. [4:07]

[Photo: ]

Last Day at the Automat (1991)
The closing of the last Horn & Hardart Automat, with its rows of coin-operated compartments dispensing macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and coconut cream pies. [4:25]


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